Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Technology in Fourth Grade

This is also my first time blogging. I know little or nothing about Blogging, Wiki, ect. (all the new stuff). What I do know is that I use the technology available through our Promethean Boards. When I am instructing the students, I use the board and the many amazing features!

Fourth grade students use the program Type to Learn. They learn, practice, and increase keyboarding skills. Our students use Word to write final copies of their essays as well as completing other writing assignments. They also learn the basics for PowerPoint. They create a slide show presentation to accompany their speeches.

I use the the website entitled Spellingcity to supplement the spelling program. Students can access the site at home and practice spelling skills. I enter the weekly spelling lists. The programs creates lessons, games, a practice test, and spelling tips for the students that go along with the list!

Students also learn how to use the Web to find information when they are completing their research project.

All subject material is supplemented in some way with the use of the websites, interactive games and on-line lessons.

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