Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Motivated but in need of skills

I have read so much research about the motivational benefits of using technology in the classroom, but this is a new area for me. I really want to learn how to use wikis and blogs in the classroom. Also, there is significant research on the use of clickers to elicit student response and participation in classroom discussions. BUT WHAT IS A CLICKER? How do I do this?

I think the use of virtual tours available online, such as the White House and the Grand Canyon, would make great story starters as well as give a real life visual to instruction and I plan to use these. I would like to see those who make good use of some of these tools provide direction to those of us who would like to, but don't know how. Please share your great ideas!

Another thing I have found beneficial is to teach a math concept, then allow the students to practice it on the computer in one of the available sites. We need more sites available to us and in a wider range of subjects.

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