Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Web Page

This is a great way to gather feedback from everyone and for them to see what others are doing within the district.  I will promote this with teachers in the middle school and remind them to post their comments.
From the office perspective, my audience is really parents.  I have been working to keep up our middle school web page to include pertinent information in a timely manner.  I include all our permission and informational slips.  As I distribute materials to students I remind them to check our web page in the event they lose or misplace a form (which is so often the case - ah, life in the middle school).   Anyway they can  can find it there. Students and parents like this.  I used to rely on someone else to update our web page but am finding it is much easier to do it myself and now that I have learned how it only takes but a few minutes.  Still have some questions with it from time to time.  
What I am finding is that, when information is current, parents really rely on our web page.  Many of our teachers are putting their daily and weekly assignments online. This is the direction we are moving with all our teachers.
 I would also like to move in the direction of using some blogs or podcasts with parents as a way to gather input - just not sure how this will look - but am checking into it.

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