Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Technology in First Grade

The use of technology at the first grade level includes the use of our Promethean Boards, the use of the computer lab, as well as our personal classroom websites.

We use our Promethean Boards throughout the day in many subject areas. Each day begins with the display of our morning message on our Promethean Boards. We also use the Promethean Boards as interactive tools with our students in all subject areas - Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies ... and everything in between! 

The computer lab in the elementary school is also another way the first graders use technology in their day. While there, students practice their typing skills, use websites that challenge them with Reading and Math games, participate in projects with Mrs. Finster, explore kidpix, etc. 

All first grade Newsletters are also available in an online format through each classroom website. There, parents are able to find links to Reading and Math enrichment websites for their children, homework, spelling words, a list of the first grade sight words, etc.

Technology is a great source at the first grade level. Students are open and excited to learn and challenge themselves with the many possibilities that technology has to offer. 

The First Grade Team
Julie Larcom, Kristie Olson, Wendy Peterson, and Hansi Swanson 

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merrileehenk said...

Thank you for mentioning the Spelling City link. I am looking into using it for my second grade students.